When handling localization for my app I was using the excellent https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_sheet_localization package. I have also been using the GetX package. GetX now has their own translation code options so I wanted the benefits of storing my translations in google sheets but also wanted the ability to have the code I would need for GetX generated automatically since you must write a lot of tedious code to translate your app.

I created a code generator that will do this.

So let me explain how it works. You need to create a translation for your app in google sheets.

You can…

I think you are looking at this in the wrong way... NFT's seem to be an incredibly “green” technology. The whole market so far has used one persons life time energy use and how many 100’s of millions of dollars of value has been exchanged? Now how much does the average person make in their lifetime? A couple of orders of magnitude less at least... NFT’s are probably much more “green” than even regular art once you include the costs of the raw supplies used to make that art.

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There are three hypotheses proposed by the WHO for the spread of COVID-19.

  1. The intermediary host hypothesis — This states that COVID-19 spread from an infected animal. Most likely horseshoe bats or through an intermediary animal like a pangolin.
  2. An indirect transmission through contaminated frozen food.
  3. The lab origin hypothesis. The virus escaped from a bio-level 4 laboratory. The release was a lab accident.

The WHO is now focused only on the intermediary host hypothesis and have disregarded the lab hypothesis. Let’s look at evidence so far for the three possibilities.

The Host Hypothesis

The first known outbreak occurred in and around a…

GetX is a relatively new package for Flutter that provides the missing link in making Flutter development simpler. I recently converted a firebase auth project I had created which used provider for state management. Switching to GetX simplified many of the pain points I have had with Flutter development. I no longer was having to pass context into functions. I could also better separate my logic from the UI. GetX also greatly simplifies routing, displaying snackbars and dialogs.

There are some really good projects and tutorials that I made use of in making this project. See these links for more…

So why do another Auth project for flutter? There are dozens of projects already. Including this one I did last year when I was starting with flutter. I made this project for myself because none of the other projects had all of the features I needed. I wanted light and dark mode theming but also the ability to detect and switch themes automatically. I also wanted the ability to switch between languages easily and automatically detect the user’s language. I wanted a simple way to handle translating from english (the only language I know unfortunately). This is accomplished through the…

In this tutorial, I created a simple command line app in dart. It converts text to speech using the google text to speech api and saves the file as an mp3. I reviewed another command line tutorial here which was quite helpful. I also used some code from this great flutter package

Full code for this app can be found here.

So first steps, you need to install dart and stagehand. Stagehand is a dart project generator for command line apps. Stagehand is installed with this command.

pub global activate stagehand

Next create the project.

mkdir text_to_speech
cd text_to_speech

So facebook is once again in hot water over its controversial stance to not fact check political ads. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that no good comes from this.

Facebook’s Ad platform is not free speech and never has been. If you don’t believe me, go try and post an ad about how your new diet craze cures diabetes. Facebook has dozens of rules about what is and isn’t allowed on their platform.

So what’s the one simple rule that could fix most of facebook’s problems. First a rule isn’t any good if it has to be…

Flutter Firebase Auth Example Screenshots

IMPORTANT: This project has been replaced by a new version I created with more features and made in a more flutter way.

There are numerous tutorials on using firebase auth with flutter. I went through many of these to work through making my own take on a Firebase Auth flutter project that worked the way I needed it to. Definitely check out these projects which provide much more in depth tutorials.

[Simple Recipe app made in flutter firebase and google sign in]


[Flutter login UI]

[How to do user login with firebase]

I am still new to flutter so…

So I am learning how to build a theme in hugo and wanted to document the things I found that were not obvious to me.

  1. To add a list of categories with counts of articles in each category use this snippet I found in the hugo-icarus theme.
{{ range $name, $items := .Site.Taxonomies.categories }}
<li><a href="{{ $.Site.BaseURL }}categories/{{ $name | urlize | lower }}">{{ $name }} &nbsp;<span>({{ len $items }})</span></a></li>
{{ end }}

2. To add custom global variables.

in your config.toml or theme.toml[params]
myvariable = "testing 123"

mysubvariable = "more tests"
in your theme file.{{ .Site.Params.myvariable…

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