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  • Alyssa X

    Alyssa X

    Designer, developer, & entrepreneur — founder of Sonuum. Best woman maker of 2018 (Maker Mag) & Maker of The Year nominee (Product Hunt) alyssax.com

  • Marvin Sanchez

    Marvin Sanchez

    Software Developer; Contractor; Attorney at Law;

  • Mo Malaka

    Mo Malaka

    Solutions Architect @aws-amplify | Lifelong Learner | Opinions are my own

  • Felix Blaschke

    Felix Blaschke

    Software Developer, http://felix-blaschke.de

  • Matt Carroll

    Matt Carroll

    I am SuperDeclarative! (Ex-Flutter at Google)

  • Eldad A. Fux

    Eldad A. Fux

    Entrepreneur, Software Architect, open source enthusiastic and the creator of appwrite.io. You can follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/eldadfux

  • Suragch


    Flutter and Dart developer. Twitter: @suragch1

  • Naveen Srivastava

    Naveen Srivastava

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